e-Commerce integration

Uhuru wallet

Uhuru Wallet is a Fintech platform owned by Uhuru Innovative Solutions (PTY) Limited that provides escrow services to buyers and sellers of goods/services.

Most online services & e-commerce sites exclude the unbanked and underbanked. Simple services like airtime purchases, Dstv Subscription or ride hailing services are not easily accessible to the unbanked & underbanked. Uhuru wallet was created to fill that void. Accessed via WhatsApp and anchored on a fast and cheap blockchain technology makes it easy to access. .

How Does it Work?
Customers who buy goods on e-Commerce sites powered by Uhuru pay to Uhuru Wallet escrow account. Once the customer has received the goods/service and are satisfied, Uhuru Wallet makes a payment to goods providers. This could be your simple airtime purchase, or an online clothes purchase..